The Life Of The Holy Prophet Muhammad PBUH – Part 1

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The different phases in the Life of the Holy Prophet Muhammad  – PBUH

Chapter 1: Birth of the Holy Prophet Muhammad – PBUH

Prophet Muhammad PBUH was born on a Monday on the 12th Rabi – Ul Awwal in the year 570. Muhammad PBUH was born in Mecca and he belonged to the renowned tribe known as the Quraysh. Muhammad PBUH was named as Ahmad by his Grandfather Abdul Muttallib who was an influential member of the Quraysh.

Muhammad’s PBUH father was Abdullah and his mother was Aminah. Muhammad PBUH lost his father before he was born. In fact, after Aminah gave birth to him, he was nursed by a wet nurse called Halima Saa’deeyah. Muhammad -PBUH stayed with Halima for six years and after that he was returned back to his mother Aminah. Shortly after that, Aminah passed away too and ultimately, Abdul Muttalib, his grandfather took him under his care.

Abdul Muttallib loved him very much and always kept him by his side. Muhammad Pbuh was attended important tribal meeting with Abdul Muttalib.

As years passed, Abdul Muttalib also passed away and he was left under the care of one of his uncles who was called Abu Talib. Muhammad – Pbuh as a child had a very difficult childhood as he lost all his close relatives.

Abu Talib took very good care of him, protected him until his last breath.

Chapter 2: The First Marriage of the Holy Prophet PBUH

Muhammad – Pbuh grew up under the care and protection of Abu Talib and when he reached the age of 25, he received a proposal of a marriage from a very noble lady who was a widow and was aged 40. Her name was Khadijah and she was very kind, gentle, rich; loyal and beautiful. Abu Talib gave his consent alongside with Muhammad PBUH to the marriage. Muhammad Pbuh married Khadijah in 595.

Muhammad Pbuh had four daughters with Khadijah. He had two sons but they unfortunately did not survive. He was an exemplar husband and father. He loved his children dearly and took very good care of them. As a husband, he was very refined and caring towards Khadijah. They had a happy life as well as some sorrows due to the loss of their sons and for not boring any sons.

Chapter 3: Muhammad’s PBUH retreat in the cave of Hira

During the month of Ramadan, Muhammad Pbuh secluded himself in the cave of Hira meditating to his Lord, the Creator. At the age of 40, in the year 610, Prophet Muhammad Pbuh received for the first time the visit of angel Jibraeel in the cave of Hira. Jibraeel, asked him to read, Muhammad – Pbuh replied that he cannot read.

The angel for the second time asked him to read again to which he replied that he cannot read. So angel Jibraeel squeezed and asked him for the third to read:

“Read in the name of thy Lord, who created, created man from a clot of blood ….” (Chapter 96 V1-5).

These were the first verses of the Holy Quran revealed to Prophet Muhammad – PBUH. They were also the first message from the Almighty to mankind.

In fact, after the visit of angel Jibraeel, Muhammad Pbuh was very scared and he ran to Khadijah and related to her what happened to him in the cave of Hira. Khadijah comforted him and reassured him that it was indeed his Lord who has chosen him as His Messenger. Khadijah was the first woman who believed Islam and supported the Holy Prophet Pbuh in his mission until she died.

Chapter 4: The propagation of Islam starts

After receiving the first revelation, Muhammad Pbuh, Allah commanded him to invite his close ones to Islam amongst whom were Ali Ibn Talib, Zayd, Abu Bakr Siddiq and many others. Muhammad – Pbuh invited his people to Islam secretly for three years Until Allah ordered him to proclaim Islam to the people of Mecca and to deny the worshipping of the idols at the Kaaba.
Therefore, Muhammad – Pbuh went on Mount Al Safa to address the people of Mecca. Muhammad – Pbuh was well known amongst the Qurayshis as the trustworthy and he earned the title of Al – Ameen.

So before he addressed them about Islam, he started his speech by asking them if they would believe him if he were to tell them that there was an army of horsemen behind the mountain. The people replied positively by saying that they would certainly believe him as he is the most trustworthy. He then told them that Allah has chosen him as the last Messenger and that they should worship Allah only.

Amongst the people who were present in the crowd at Mount Al Safa, was his uncle Abu Lahab. When he heard what Muhammad Pbuh declared, he was very angry and he openly said to the Prophet that he called them to the Mount of Al Safa just to proclaim something which was insignificant. In fact, from this time, Abu Lahab and his wife treated the Holy Prophet – Pbuh very badly and persecuted him with other members of the Quraysh tribe.

Ultimately, after the public address of the Muhammad – Pbuh on Mount Al Safa, many of the Meccans oppose the prophethood of Muhammad – Pbuh and they started treating the new converts very ruthlessly and persecutions started. On the other hand, Abu Talib, the uncle of the Prophet – Pbuh, despite not accepting Islam, he promised Muhammad – Pbuh that he will protect him against the Meccans persecutors.


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