The Holy Month of Fasting – Ramadan
The Holy Month of Fasting – Ramadan The History about the month of fasting in Islam According to the Islamic scholars, the Quran was first revealed to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) in the holy month of Ramadan. According to Hadiths and Islamic scholars the very first revelation was revealed to the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) in the… (0 comment)

Family Responsibilities In Islam
What are a wife’s responsibilities in the family in Islam? Like the husband, a wife has certain duties to safeguard the family. Most important of these are: Obeying her husband in doing good deeds One of the wife’s foremost commitments and chief duty toward her husband is to obey him in everything that is not… (0 comment)

Best Practices for Treating Muslims Patients in Health Care
Islam places the responsibility of practicing religion on the individual and, as a result, it is important that health cares providers discuss religious observance needs with are mainly ablution and bathing, prayer, dietary needs and chaplaincy services. 1. Ablution and Bathing Before prayer, a Muslim is required to perform ablution with water. Washing with water… (0 comment)

Importance of Salah – Prayer in Islam (Part 2)
Part two will cover the purpose of Tayammum , Adhan, importance of salah in congregation correctly and supplications. Read: Importance of Salah – Prayer in Islam (Part 1) Importance of Salah – Prayer in Islam (Part 1) TAYAMMUM OR DRY ABLUTION Tayammum is a substitute for ablution or ritual bath. It is performed in the… (0 comment)

Importance of Salah – Prayer in Islam (Part 1)
Introduction The aim of writing this article is to simply raise awareness to Muslims about the Importance of Salah – Prayer in Islam. This article will comprise three parts which will consist of: Part one: Introduction Preparation for prayer Cleanliness Wudhu Part two: Tayammum Adhan Iqamah How Prayer is Performed Part three: After the prayers… (0 comment)

The Importance of Hadith in this Modern Life
Introduction The science of Hadith is a distinct discipline for the paramount importance of HADITH subject- matter, vastness of its scope and the application of methods of research and analysis. Since the Hadith means the world or action of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) it had to be reported in undisputed authenticity… (2 comments)

Benefits of Accepting Islam in this 21st century
In this post we will read “the benefits of accepting Islam in 21st century”. Today in this modern era, people have realized that they have become enslaved by the man made laws as well as dependent on materialistic things. Stress, worries and anxieties have become norms in the daily lives of mankind where peace and… (0 comment)