The Life Of The Holy Prophet Muhammad PBUH – Part 5

The Life Of The Holy Prophet Muhammad PBUH – Part 5
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Chapter 6: The Farewell Address/ The Last Sermon

Part 5: In the last chapter 5, we coveredthe Treaty of Hudaibiyah and the Conquest of Mecca. In this chapter, which is the last chapter of the Life of Muhammad – PBUH, we are going to discuss about the Prophet – PBUH Last Address to the Muslims and his death.

The Last Sermon

Ten years after the Hijrah, Muhammad – PBUH decided to perform his last pilgrimage in the year 632 C.E.  After accomplishing his farewell pilgrimage, Muhammad – PBUH decided to address the Muslims for the last time on the 9th of the Islamic month of Dhul Hijjah. Muhammad – PBUH delivered his Last Sermon on the Mount of Arafat.

Muhammad – PBUH knew that his days were coming to an end and he wanted the Muslims to remember the essentials and basics of Islam. So he addressed many pilgrims and Muslims on the Mount Arafat and he stated very key elements of Islam and even today everywhere around the world, the Muslims are adhering and following what he said in his Last Sermon.

In the Farewell Address, Muhammad – PBUH stated the following key points:

  1. He highlighted and hinted to the pilgrims and Muslims that his days are limited and that whatever he is going to address them should be taken into account and transmitted to those who were not present and to the future Ummah and he also asked them to listen carefully to what he was saying to them.
  2. Muhammad – PBUH also reminded them that as the day of his Sermon is sacred as well as the month and the city, they should consider the properties of others as sacred and it is their duties to return what did not belong to them to their rightful owners.
  3. Muhammad – PBUH also emphasised that no one should hurt each other’s and vice versa
  4. He also reminded them that One Day all mankind will meet Allah and will be accountable and answerable to Him alone.
  5. Muhammad – PBUH emphasized of the prohibition of taking and giving usury – Interests.
  6. The Muslims were also warned by Muhammad – PBUH to careful of Satan as he will try his best to lead mankind astray.
  7. Muhammad – PBUH also stated about how women should be treated respectfully and that they had to be fed, clothed and cared by men.
  8. Muhammad – PBUH highlighted also on the Five Pillars of Islam stating that one should pray five times regularly per day, Observe Fasting in the month of Ramadan, pay Zakaat in the month of Ramadan and accomplish pilgrimage if they have the means to do so.
  9. The Prophet also clearly mentioned that there should no superiority and inferiority amongst mankind. He stated that there should be no superiority over a non-Arab or over a black.
  10. Muhammad – PBUH reiterated that we will meet Allah and we have to stay in the path of Allah when he is gone – after his demise.
  11. Muhammad – PBUH also stated that no other prophet will come after him and that he is the last prophet sent by Allah to mankind. He also added that he left the Quran and his Sunnah as the best guides to the Muslim Ummah to follow.
  12. He ended his last sermon by asking the pilgrims to pass his message to those who were not present and he took Allah as his witness for what he had addressed to the pilgrims.

The pilgrims and Muslims were very moved by the Farewell Address of the Muhammad – PBUH and they cried. A lot of the Muslims knew that Muhammad- PBUH was going to die soon and this pained them a lot.

The death of Muhammad – PBUH

Shortly after the last pilgrimage and Farewell Address, Muhammad – PBUH fell ill and suffered from severe fever for nearly fourteen days.

Sadly on the 12th of Rabbi –Ul Awwal, in 632C.E, Muhammad –PBUH breathed his last breath in Medina. He died in the apartment of Aisha, his last wife. Muhammad – PBUH was 63 years old when he departed this world.

Even after 1400 years after his departure, his teachings and practices are still being practised and followed by the Muslims across the world.

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