Top 5 Reasons that Why Islam is True Religion

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Islam Arabic meaning (الإسلام‎‎) is previously called Muhammadanism in non Islamic societies. The Muslims are the believers of Islam which is a complete worldwide version of primeval faith which was revealed many times before by many prophets with: Noah, Moses, Abraham, Adam, and Jesus.

For a mint think about this:

  • If there is a Creation? Then there must be a Creator….
  • If there is a Creator? Then he must be the Sustainer….
  • The Creator cannot create himself….
  • If He is the sole Creator/Sustainer then, He must be ONE which is the only “ALLAH

Here we are going to discuss the top 5 reason that why Islam is a true religion. Keep reading this post.

1. During 23 years Muslims Becomes Controller of the World from powerless:

When the religion Islam started from Mecca by the prophet Muhammad – SAW it was a one man religion. The prophet was showing punishments and domination.

At that time the first sahabah of the religion Islam “Abu Bakar Siddique” who was returning from a business trip from “Yemen” (Arab country in Western Asia) was informed by his friends that during his absence the son of “Abdullah” has declared himself as the messenger of GOD (Allah) & also proclaimed a new religion.

When the people started entering to Islam they were tortured and oppressed by their relatives. Onward 23 years after the fact to see the change of these uneducated weak people to the most intense ones and to control the world.

At the time of Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him 6th century the Arab were tribes and they were fighting each other. Romans and Persians were the powerful empires of that time. Onward 23 years later the some powerless persons becomes to climb mountain of the world power and take over the roman and Persian empires and introduce a new world order.

Not just did this change accomplish miraculousness in its happenings but at the same time it’s superb in its planning and its length.

2. The Quran and its fluency as a Grammatical Miracle:

The Arabs at that time were so lingual gifted; a dialectal miracle was fit for this condition.  The Quran was sent to the natives who were fluent in Arabic verbal communication. Now the question arises if Quran was not a linguistic miracle, then any of the Arab of that time or poets (where our prophet- SAW himself alone stays there for 13 years and called people to worship Allah) will come and say some words to change the Quran (as the challenge to them was very clear) but none of them came forward to change the eloquence of Quran.
The miraculousness of the Quran is an accepted true to whoever studies the Arabic scholarly.

3. Legacy and Economic System is Islam

Not only this, the Islamic system was revealed in 2 verses. The Islamic system is one of that which is complete and surprising in its detail. It has covered all the classes and circumstances in most fair way and such systems were not known at all the time by the prophet Muhammad – SAW, also no other religion has such systems.

How an illiterate person can come with all such systems?  While this system has no equality at that time.

An Islamic economy system is a system of wonders. It has power to include all old/new business operations. It also has the aptitude to well being for all humans. It is not a theory but a complete system which has been applied throughout in the globe and has been implemented through olden times with eventual achievement.

How an illiterate man came up with such system? How he can design such system in the whole universe? A system which competes with all the latest business & economic science and it has been proven to more victory.

The answer is he couldn’t. It was revealed on him by “Allah” (GOD).

4. Islam the only faith that Makes Intelligence with Spiritualism and Physicalism:

In our universe, the word religion turns into a shopping center where approximately everyone comes with his own religion version of a religion. It makes it so hard to spread the true religion from the fake ones. Some have gone to spiritual on spiritual level while other has gone all the way to materialism.  Only, the Islam religion can combine both ends in a vocal mixture. The Muslims in Islam can built this universe and make it flourish it in industrial, agricultural and science etc.

We are ordered from GOD (Allah) to protect the lives and properties all the people who do not misbehave and oppress us. We have been ordered that of the day of the judgment comes; one must have a plant in his hand to plant it. We are allowed to marry and have children to enjoy this life.

On the other hand, it is our responsibility for our actions and we will be accounted for them. We should always be working for in future and wish to please GOD who is our creator.

It is a whole way of life which deals with the economics. It sets the rules for us to deal between humans and animals to commerce among humans and humans to the right of neighbors and parents to relationship of humans and creator.

5. Islam – The latest spreading Religion in this World:

Islam is the largest spreading religion in western world is not because Muslims have more children’s as compared to others. According to a research, more than 20000 Americans convert to Islam every year. While, 2000 converts to Islam in Germany. Thousands are converting to Islam in Latin America each year.

Why? Because when we Muslims speak, we speak the true. And we are the nation of true religion. According to Quran:

  1. “If anyone desires a religion other than Islam (submission to Allah (God) never will It be accepted of Him” (Soorah Aal’imraan 3:85)
  2. Abraham was not a Jew nor Christian; but an upright Muslim.” (Soorah Aal’imraan 3:67)
  3. Prophet Muhammad – SAW Says “This day have I perfected your religion for you, completed my favour upon you, and have chosen for you Islam as your religion”(Soorah Al-Maa’idah 5:3)

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