Purpose of WhyAcceptIslam.com

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Islam is a true religion whose followers are found in all over the world whether it is Asia, Europe, Australia, America, Africa etc. According to recent research, Islam will become the most spreading religion in Europe in upcoming years. The reason behind is that non-Muslim can’t earn peace of mind even if they are millioner or billioner. Such people are doing research and their practice is to read about different religions like Judaism, Christianity, BudhMat, Hinduism, Islam etc. If they found any religion according to them, they will accept it.

Being a Muslim, it is our soul responsibility to be a light house for such people. Assisting them in Islamic research is their best help. According to a verse from Holy Quran Hazrat Mohammad (P.B.U.H) was the last messenger of Allah and it is now the responsibility of us (Muslims) to spread Islam. Such preaching should not be limited to our own society but we should be limitless in this scenario. At the Day of Judgment, Allah will ask from us about the Non-Muslims who are dying daily without accepting Islam.

Purpose of WhyAcceptIslam.com

Reaching Non-Muslims of the whole world is a tough job. Although, different religious groups are doing this but we have to think that what we can do at our own. Why not use the power of technology and social media. We can reach out the western people through technology like I have done by making WhyAcceptIslam.com. I will provide best reading material about Islam in this blog so that it can assist the non-Muslim researchers in the best way.

What is the Line of Action?

Given here the steps of line of action for preaching Non-Muslims;

  • Writing such convincing content on this blog that non-Muslims can get best help in doing research in Islam.
  • Making the non-Muslim friends on Social Media Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, LinkedIn and others.
  • Impress them with your character. Spent time with them such that they start trusting on you.
  • When you think that they are trusting, introduce Islam to them in a soft way.
  • If they need information about Islam, use the convincing content from WhyAcceptIslam.
  • Keep a slow pace with them about Islam. Don’t forcefully argue with them. Remain in touch with them until that revert to Islam.

Revering non-mulims to Islam is possible and I have live example in the form of my friend Niaz who preached a non-muslim in this way and after a year, that non-Muslim reverted to Islam.

If a single non-Muslim accepts Islam, this is your best success in the eyes of Allah and with the blessing of Allah, you will go the heaven. Amean

At the end, I just say that if you are a writer and you have Islamic knowledge then join hands with me to write most convincing content on WhyAcceptIslam. I have provided you a platform to share your precious knowledge. According to the purpose of this site, it is not mine but it is the property of every Muslim.

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