Best Ways To Spread And Promote Islam

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Islam started with the prophet hood of Muhammad (PBUH) 1400 years in the year 610 in Mecca. Lets  learn the “Best Ways To Spread And Promote Islam ” in this Post. The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) along with his companions faced much opposition to spread the words of Allah, however, they never gave up in their missions and they fought many religious wars with the aim of spreading Islam. In fact after the demise of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), the caliphs and companions continued on propagating Islam around the world.

In this 21st century, today there are roughly about 50 Muslim countries across the world with a population of 1.8 billion of Muslims, thus representing 24.1% of the world population.

Best Ways to Spreading and Promote Islam

Before we analyse the best ways of spreading Islam, we need to look at how the Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) methods of spreading Islam as he is the best example and was most successful in spreading the words of Allah.

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The best method used by Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was simply by word of mouth and by being an outstanding example himself.

Ten Best Ways of Spreading Islam

1.      By being a great example and reflecting own self as the image of Islam

This means that in order to spread Islam, we Muslim we have to show features of humanity and be a very good human being. These features attract people of other faiths towards Islam and give them a sense of great respect and love towards Islam.

2.      By being a role model with outstanding behaviour

To propagate Islam, one has to be a true Muslim and who is a true adherent and can show the teachings of Islam through his personality and behaviour which consequently will outline the beauty of Islam towards others.

3.      Through the Quran, Hadiths and discussions with knowledgeable Muslims such as Ulemas:

In fact the Quran is the best and effective tool that can be used to spread Islam through the words of Allah. The Quran itself is an evidence of the essence of the beauty of Islam and Hadith compliments the Quran by explaining the importance of Islam and the way of life in Islam.

Furthermore, based on the Quran and hadith, open debates with Muslim scholars is a very good mean of spreading Islam where there is a platform for discussion and explanation and where the Quran and Hadith are the main sources of references to justify and support statements made during debates and discussions.

4.      Through the use of blogs and social networking

The use of modern technology has made it even easier nowadays to spread Islam through the use of blogs and social networks. For instance, people who have studied Islam and have a good knowledge on Islam can compose articles and post online so that other unbiased viewers can read and analyse the teachings of Islam.

The articles or discussions can be shared for example of Facebook, YouTube and blogs.

5.      Through Education

In fact, spreading Islam can also be done through education. For examples, the leaders of Mosques and scholars can run free workshops for adults and children to explain and give a throughout insight about the teachings of Islam. It is indeed a form of Dawah and the target audience will be of a range of age group and easily accessible to all.

6.      Through publications of books and other resources

The use of pen is also a very strong mean to reach the people with the teachings of Islam. Writers or people who have the ability to write can easily write books, newsletters and leaflets and distribute freely to people in the communities so that they can have access to reliable information about Islam.

7.      Through seminars on an open platform at national and International levels

To preach Islam effectively and in order to reach a massive number of people, seminars are very useful to spread the words of Allah and to raise awareness about the teachings of Islam. By holding seminars on national and International levels, it will target thousands of People and thus the words of Allah can be reached in all the corners of the world through the media.

8.      Words of Mouth – Dawah

It is in fact the duty of each Muslim to propagate Islam to their neighbours, relatives, friends colleagues and others by simply sharing the beauty of Islam with them through casual talks as well as through own ways of life based on the teachings of Islam. Words of mouth is very powerful as when one talks to someone face to face and knows the person on a personal level, it has a different kind of effect as there is a sense of trust and admiration too.

9.      The use of media

The use of media is also very powerful to reach a bigger population and has a positive impact on the audience. Talks on Islam can be broadcasted on the TV through different channels where the teachings of Islam are taught on a regular basis as well as having reality shows on Islam. The use of radio also is also good as anyone can listen on their way to work, school, shopping and travelling. For instance, talks and speeches on Islam can be broadcasted and recorded so that the audience can listen and learn at the same time.

10. Translated Quran versions

Quran is the primary source of the Islamic teachings. Therefore, since Quran is originally in Arabic language, it does restrict other people form understanding the contents of the Holy Book. Therefore, it is important that Quran is available and accessible to all into different translated languages so that people around the world can read, understand and follow.


Spreading Islam around us has become much easier compared to the times of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) and since we live in a world of democracy, Muslims need to seize the opportunity to spread the words of Allah to the people of other faiths using all the methods discussed above. It is in fact every Muslim’s duty to spread the words of Allah.

Allah says in the Holy Quran: Chapter16, Surah An- Nahl Ayat 125: Invite to the way of your Lord with wisdom and excellent admonition and argue with people in the best manner, Your Lord knows best who has gone astray from His Way and who is Rightly guided.

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