Introduction: ISLAM is an Arabic word. It means the act of resignation to God. The root word is SLM, pronounced as ‘salm’ which means peace from which comes the word ‘aslama’ which means he submitted, he resigned himself. Below you will read “10 Facts About Islam” in detial. Al- Islam or Islam is the religion… (0 comment)

ALHAMDULLILAH I am very happy to say Almighty ALLAH has blessed us this Ramadan 1438 and I am very happy to share “12 Beautiful Ramadan Pictures for your Mobile Wallpapers” which you will see below but before let’s know about Ramadan. The word “Ramadan” or “Ramathan” or “Ramazan” Arabic “رمضان‎‎” is the 9th month of… (0 comment)

Islam Arabic meaning (الإسلام‎‎) is previously called Muhammadanism in non Islamic societies. The Muslims are the believers of Islam which is a complete worldwide version of primeval faith which was revealed many times before by many prophets with: Noah, Moses, Abraham, Adam, and Jesus. For a mint think about this: If there is a Creation? Then… (0 comment)

Islam is a true religion whose followers are found in all over the world whether it is Asia, Europe, Australia, America, Africa etc. According to recent research, Islam will become the most spreading religion in Europe in upcoming years. The reason behind is that non-Muslim can’t earn peace of mind even if they are millioner… (0 comment)