6 Essential Islamic Apps For Your Smartphones

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Now-a-days Smart phones have invaded our lives and we have become very much dependent on them to carry our daily tasks. Below we will review “6 Essential Islamic Apps for Your Smartphones”.  Smartphones, are as popular as they have very advanced features and very reliable. What makes the smartphones so popular? The simple and only answer is the apps on the smartphones. According to a research, “the trend shows clearly that there has been a huge increase in the number of apps on Google Play Store as well as the Apple Store”. In fact there are well above three million apps worldwide since 2015.

As a matter fact, surveys and research have shown that today in this modern and diverse world, there are multiple apps that are tailoring for the Muslim countries and adherents.

What are the essential Islamic apps that one needs to have on his or her smartphone?

Let’s Review the following “6 essential Islamic apps for your smartphones” and their features which are the best Islamic apps with amazing features:

1.      Muslim Pro

Muslim Pro is a very well know platform in the market of apps, in fact one of the best. Its key features are mainly based on locating halal restaurants, Place of worships for Muslims,  the recitation of the Holy Quran as well as to the audio recitation of the holy Quran by several famous reciters and also offer translations in a range of languages, prayer times notifications and other more features such as hadiths, supplications and Islamic quotes of the day.

2.      Quran Companion

Quran Companion is a very sophisticated app to enable to memorise the Quran and has very friendly features which are easy, entertaining and social. It also enables people to memorise the Holy Quran with specific techniques and methods embedded to facilitate the memorisation to take place in an easy way. This app also has a large collection of the Sunnah – teachings of the Holy Prophet ( PBUH).

3.      Zabihah

Zabihah is app which is very helpful to locate purely Halal restaurants as well as mosques. It is one of the oldest apps in the Muslim market.

4.      Sira App

Sira is a fantastic app which is in the form of animation with the aim of narrating the life of the Holy Prophet ( PBUH). The apps use a creative visuals and tailors for all age groups.

5.      Dua, and Azkar

It is very important nowadays in this busy and stressful life to own the Dua and Azkar App. This app is a good source and offers a range of  collection of supplications and remembrance of Allah which includes:

  • Supplications after the prayers
  • Morning Azkar
  • Evening Azkar
  • Daily important supplications
  • Ruquiya
  • The procedure of missed rakaats
  • Pilgrimage and lesser pilgrimage

The supplication features are designed with the facilities such as audios, translations, pronounciations- Tajweed.

6.      Qamar Deen Quran

Qamar Deen Quran is an app designed to allow Muslims to monitor and track the daily spiritual efforts to enable the Muslims to measure his or her ongoing progress and achievements as well as continuous improvement.

Qamar Deen is also used to track the prayers, the recitation of the Holy Quran, Charity/ Alms giving, fasting and enable to analyse behaviour and improvement.


It goes without saying that infiltration of smartphone keeps increasing drastically in emerging economies. The Islamic apps are key features which attract the people and the Muslim apps on smart phones have become very trendy and indispensable for Muslims around the world. For example, Muslims can recite and read the Holy Quran whilst travelling, at work and during the daily routines. The Islamic apps on smartphones  in short have made Islam more accessible to all Muslims and help them to become better adherents.

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