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6 Essential Islamic Apps For Your Smartphones
Introduction Now-a-days Smart phones have invaded our lives and we have become very much dependent on them to carry our daily tasks. Below we will review “6 Essential Islamic Apps for Your Smartphones”.  Smartphones, are as popular as they have very advanced features and very reliable. What makes the smartphones so popular? The simple and… (0 comment)

Best Ways To Spread And Promote Islam
INTRODUCTION Islam started with the prophet hood of Muhammad (PBUH) 1400 years in the year 610 in Mecca. Lets  learn the “Best Ways To Spread And Promote Islam ” in this Post. The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) along with his companions faced much opposition to spread the words of Allah, however, they never gave up in… (0 comment)

The Birth of Islam and Its Origin
When and where did Islam start, its impact on Humanity and the birth of Islam and its origin. Origin of Islam Islam is a religion known as religion of peace. Islam was born with the prophethood of Muhammad (PBUH), when he received the first revelation in Mecca in 610 AD in the cave of Hira.… (0 comment)

10 Facts About Islam – Whyacceptislam
Introduction: ISLAM is an Arabic word. It means the act of resignation to God. The root word is SLM, pronounced as ‘salm’ which means peace from which comes the word ‘aslama’ which means he submitted, he resigned himself. Below you will read “10 Facts About Islam” in detial. Al- Islam or Islam is the religion… (0 comment)

5 Best Hadiths of Sahi Muslim
Islam is religion of peace that teach its followers to remain moderate in every aspect of life. Islam is a complete code of life as it has guided us for each act and deed that what is right and what is wrong. Quran Majeed is the source to learn this code of conduct. Allah has… (0 comment)